4-Handed Massage

BEWARE: this is an indulgance that is highly addictive!!

You guessed it! Four hands on one body! Enjoy a 60 or 90 minute Deep Tissue or Swedish massage performed by TWO massage therapists. The mind can follow two hands, but not four, therefore it is forced to totally disconnect from reality and shut down. The rewards are doubled!

The health benefits are intense; leaving the body feeling vibrant and energized. It doubly causes an increase in production of endorphins and dopamine, the chemical substances that relax and stimulate.

The effects are sheer BLISS!

This modality is ideal for athletes. Recovery is quicker, enabling the athlete to train harder and perform better, heal faster, build stamina, and restore strength.

Four-handed massage requires impeccable teamwork, good timing and beautiful synchrony. It is the combination of styles and techniques from both therapists that lead to an extraordinary massage experience.

Treat yourself today.... an experience you'll never forget!!


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