Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

“ Following a serious and lengthy surgery, Becky recommended lymphatic massage to release the toxins stored in the lymph glands tissue. This treatment greatly enhanced the healing and recovery process. Becky is a highly skilled professional therapist with an exceptional knowledge of the human anatomy. I have benefited greatly from Becky’s therapeutic expertise.”

- Wanda H.

Massage Therapy

“Becky is a fabulous massage therapist, I have gotten regular massages for several years and the benefits are AMAZING. I have had a couple of sports injuries and the recovery time is much shorter with massage therapy. Also I have had the immune boosting massage and this has kept me healthy when I was injured, it’s also very relaxing. I work out regularly and occasionally get sore muscles and she works out all the kinks and sore spots. If you are not getting regular massages, you’re probably not feeling the best that you can!”

Kathy P.

Massage Therapy

"As a client of Rebecca’s I wanted to take the time to recommend her services as a highly skilled licensed Massage Therapist.

I have been a client of Rebecca’s for several years now and have benefited greatly from the services she provides. I am an aging athlete (44) competing in many sports year round. (team handball, Softball, Triathlons, Racing events, Racquetball, Weight Training) and am in constant need of repair. She has been able to keep me fresh and competitive even through everything I do.

Several times I have to come to her with fairly severe muscle pulls and she has been able to get me going by week’s end as a result of lymph work that she has performed. She is very dedicated to what she does and always maintains a “client first” focus.

With years of experience, strong commitment to excellence and her dedication to her clients, she is truly a first class Therapist. Please feel free to give me a call should you have any questions regarding the services she has provided me."

Frank H.
Vice President
Key Bank

Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Drain Therapy

"I have been a client of Rebecca J. Shaw for the past seven years, and like most of us, I was referred to her by a mutual friend. At the time I was looking for a professional Licensed Massage Therapist to relieve my back and shoulder pain. Ms. Shaw was able to quickly identify the source and cause of my back and shoulder discomfort, and began a course of treatment to return my back and shoulder to good health. I believe it is Ms. Shaw’s knowledge as a professional LMT, and her firsthand experience as an athlete, that gives her the insight and compassion to understand the needs and concerns of her clients.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with a rare, but curable form of cancer that would require an intense regimen of antibiotics and chemotherapy that compromised my lymph system that resulted in a severe case of lymphedema. As luck would have it, Ms. Shaw utilized her training in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, to bring immediate relief to this very painful condition.

There is no doubt in my mind that the work Ms. Shaw has done on my behalf, has hastened my recovery from the side effects of my cancer treatments, and have kept me in good health ever since.

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Rebecca J. Shaw and Dreams Massage and BodyWorks."

Paul S.
Progressive Land Title Agency, Ltd

Lymph Drainage Therapy

“It (Lymph Drainage Therapy) takes the soreness out faster and it gets me back on the field quicker!”

Andra Davis, former Cleveland Brown
(currently with Buffalo Bills)




Deep Tissue Massage

“Becky’s massage work is exemplary, bar none! Her deep-tissue massage is awesome and has been vital to my performance as a distance runner. She is extremely pleasant to work with! She is very cognizant of all the major muscle groups. She always works extremely hard and just is a super, super individual.”

Paul H., 47, distance runner

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

“Starting out the year with aggressive goals allowed little room for error if I wanted to compete for the overall divisional title within the HFP series triathlons. Multiple hamstring and glute injuries during the month of June put me in jeopardy of competing in many, if not all the races for the summer. The lymph work that Becky provided worked incredibly by speeding up my recovery and reducing the bruised areas efficiently… I did not miss a beat competing twice in June and overall 11 triathlons throughout the summer. Amazing results.”

Frank H., triathlete
2nd Place 2008 HFP series

Massage Therapy

“My mom got me back to pitching the way I threw prior to receiving elbow surgery! She’s great for athletes.”

Kenny S., Collegiate baseball pitcher
(Tommy John’s surgery, 2007)




Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

“My thoughts on the lymph work… I have been getting massages regularly for almost 15 years and recently tried this type of work on my legs which are always sore now! The dramatic reduction in pain and soreness in my legs was utterly amazing and increased my ability to walk on the treadmill from 30 miles a week to 40-50 miles a week. Not sure how it all works but for me it has been an amazing part of my push to get back into top athletic shape.

- JB

Massage Therapy

“You are a tremendous massage therapist! Your skillful technique helped me recover from a neck injury I received in a car accident.

After completing physical therapy on my neck, you worked on my neck and reduced the stiffness in this area. The deep tissue massage increased my range of motion.

Thanks to you, I am now able to resume my active lifestyle. I returned to weight training, gardening and bicycling with ease.

I highly recommend you to anyone looking to relax their muscles so they can enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

Thank you so much. I wish you continued success in your massage therapy career.

- Jane H.

Thai Massage

“Becky introduced me to the ‘Thai’ massage last year. It was a totally different and unique massage. The stretching techniques used by Becky increased and enhanced my flexibility. The ‘Thai’ massage deals with the total body and the results definitely seemed to reduce my stress levels. Thankfully, Becky is very knowledgeable and patient… a total professional."

Marty M.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

"In June I underwent shoulder surgery to have the removal of part of my collarbone and large bone spurs that were fraying my rotator cuff muscles. I immediately began lymph drainage therapy with Becky every few days for approximately 3 weeks. I did not experience any swelling post op and truly believe it accelerated the healing process. I found it to be very soothing as well. My scar is barely noticable and my rehab was great!"

"I would absolutely recommend lymph drainage therapy... and if you"ve never heard of it.. do some reading as it is becoming utilized more often in the medical field to promote healing and wellness."

- Gail

Massage Therapy

"I am recommending Massotherapist Rebecca Shaw because of the many years that I have been witness to the help that she has given to countless people who were either seeking healthier pain relief or just simply trying to find relaxation to better function in their everyday lives.

I have been on the receiving end of Ms. Shaw's work recently I was under a Doctor's care for a right hip revision and I was in a lot of pain from the inflammation and the cup migration. I was able to find relief physically and mentally that would last for several days. When I would come in to Ms. Shaw I was barely able to get on the table but after the different techniques that were used I was able to get off the table fairly easy and walk around with minimal discomfort.

Prior to my surgery my surgeon had me perform several different body movements and he was truly amazed at how well I was able to retain my flexibility including eliminating my constant back pain from being out of balance.

Post Op from my surgery I recovered very easily and as recent as last week when the Physical Therapy Department At Life Works commented on how quickly the left side of my back muscles relaxed from one session from Ms. Shaw they recommended that I continue with my treatments as they could not only see the difference but actually feel how well the muscles rebounded.

...I am very active and Ms. Shaw has help kept me healthy."

Carmen A.
Tri County Construction

Massage Therapy

"My mom gives the best massages I've ever had!"

Ashley S.


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